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Our feelings and emotions are not always aligned with our Shepherd. And there is a process the Lord takes you through in order to deeply cleanse and disconnect you from them so that you begin to stop being wrongly led by them. While you go through that process, you begin to realize how important it is for your responses to align with your Shepherd, instead of with your interpretations. And by willlingly doing that, you are openly recognizing and admitting that you care more for Jesus than what you are uncomfortably feeling. That doesn’t mean you will not be affected by your feelings and emotions, they do have a place and they are important, and they will continue to be powerful. But the difference is that they will be properly maintained and balanced by the only One who can do that, the Holy Spirit. What a beautiful, but painful experience it is, but it does lead to more victorious experiences, because as we step forward and experience new things, new issues, new problems, and other things that cause our emotions and feelings to go haywire, we learn how to inwardly pull back, and whisper “Jesus.” This cultivates an active awareness of Him, allowing that awareness to override those feelings and emotions. Sometimes there is no valid reason, nor basis, for our wayward emotions and feelings, other than being warrior training exercises where we learn to turn within to Jesus and wait, or false attacks from the environment in which we physically dwell in, which indicates to us that we may need to make some major changes. But the true miracle happens as you wait in Jesus, because you welcome the Holy Spirit into your mind to filter those feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and provide you with the necessary Words to eradicate them, and heal their effects. Each situation and circumstance is unique, and by actively trusting in Jesus, and not in yourself, you will learn to know the difference in Him feeding you those emotions, or you feeding yourself. Have you ever experienced a time where you were strangely more passionate in your response to things that normally would not have mattered so much to you? And in those cases, did a shakiness empower you from deep within and as you calmly moved in the flesh, you were energized by those emotions and feelings, while it was accompanied by a Biblical teaching? Our Abba likes us to know that He experiences emotions and feelings, and it is He, our Creator, who passionately loves us. Too many times, people needlessly condemn themselves because they think they have wrongly felt anger or happiness over something they shouldn’t, but it is not what or why we feel those overwhelming emotions and feelings, it is who we turn to to lead us through the experience that matters. Our Jesus reigns, not us.