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Although at specific times we know there are Divine changes happening within us, sometimes we just aren’t able to put it into words. But the more we go through things with Him, the more we realize that we are reborn and spiritually raised as we consciously recognize we breathe in His timing, and not ours; we speak in His timing, and not ours; we see all we need to see in His timing, and not ours; we know all we need to know in His timing, and not ours. And as we do that, we also begin to correctly move, ask, and handle things more smoothly within this physical world, in His timing and not ours. What has happened? Well, our minds have begun to more easily and smoothly adjust to His reign because through our self-discipline of it, we have intimately learned that the things we go through, deal with, and experience can only be thoroughly and correctly healed by His direction. We are a fortified tower under Jesus’ reign, and we will always experience His victory because we know all we need to know:  we only know Him.