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We actively live in His presence, we continuously choose to be more aware of Him than anything else, cultivating the Mystery of the Gospel, Christ within us. Our relationship with Him has become our priority because we have deeply learned, through our hardships, how through Him and by Him are all things. And by His healing, radical changes have taken place within our minds and we no longer search for what Abba wants us to do, nor search for explanations to guide us through what or how we think we should handle certain things, nor do we dramatically search for how to handle our next step. We have changed, and more importantly, our thinking has radically changed from what it once was. We know we have Jesus, and we also know only through Him can Abba’s will be mindfully deciphered and physically brought into existence. Our Shepherd frees us from the past, celebrates with us in the present, and provides the way for the very Breath of God, the Holy Spirit, to teach us on what we experience: before we experience it, as we experience it, or after we experience it. Or sometimes, even all three happens simultaneously because only our Lord knows exactly what we personally need to learn, when we need to learn it and how we need to learn it. And a lot of times, the knowledge gained by Him on our past freedoms will actively show us which choices need to be made in the future, in order to further safeguard ourselves from any future strongholds attempting to be placed upon us. It is His fullness that intimately guides our hands, guides our voices and unravels, heals, and strengthens our minds. We see what we need to see, hear what we need to hear and know what we need to know by His direction and in His time, which reveals our Abba’s will in the very moment we need it to. Our acceptance of His presence puts a stop to the driving need to search out answers, along with stopping our innate struggle against the Holy Spirit bred into us upon our birth into this world, and instead, spiritually leads us into Jesus’ reign where Divine power is uniquely released into our physical lives and where we realize Abba’s will, will always reside in Jesus.