Be Bold Series(Devotionals for Youth-Adults)

Coming Soon!

This is a quick encouragement series for youth and teens. (Adults can use them too) They are free downloads and are designed to be short so you will be able to go to them as needed.

The Be Bold Series is designed to remind you where your focus needs to be, on Jesus.  And to encourage you in your journey with Jesus.  It is short uplifting reminders of who you are in Jesus, and how much God, you’re Heavenly Father, loves you.  You are an overcomer through Jesus Christ.  Each eBook starts out the same, with the first 3 chapters being identical: of who you are in Christ which is the very foundation of being able to be bold, how to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus, and what God thinks of you.  Then each book in the next chapter explains on what to focus on or do for the stated problem in the title of the book.   Each one ends with a sinner’s prayer to use, or share with others.  I have broken each book down into chapters so that you may go right to the chapter you need to read.

There is:  #1 Be Bold~Against Bullying

#2 Be Bold~Against Fear or Worry

#3 Be Bold~Against Peer Pressure

#4 Be Bold~When Facing Problems

If you would like all of the books together, then I did combine them in the Be Bold: Complete book.  So that you will not have the repetition of the first three chapters, but can get it as one continuing devotional eBook. Here is the link to this complete book:

Photo ~ Church: CanStockPhotoInc./ Hasenonkel (cspcsp2999212)

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