How to read my novels on your Kindle

My novels are not available through Amazon just yet, and to do so right now I would have to pull my novels from Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, Smashwords, Sony, and a lot of other international sites, so I won’t do that.  Instead, let me give you some instructions…

A few of my readers have explained a few different ways in order to do this, and here they are to better help you:  Smashwords does offer a kindle version, and it does work on the latest Kindles, including Kindle Fire (my friend just tried it on hers); instructions: Click on the link to then you download it using the mobi Kindle version, you then have to click “read online.” It is a little different because the pages scroll down instead of sideways.

One reader has kindly given us her directions for her Kindle Fire (thanks Kathleen): How to transfer Ebooks from the Kindle Computer Reader to my Kindle Fire- Plug in Kindle Fire into a USB port. When the options appears, select “open device to view files.” From your computer, click on the icon along the bottom to open the Libraries screen. Click on Documents. Find “My Kindle Content “folder and open it. Scroll down the list until you find a blue book icon with the name of the book you want to transfer over. From the computer screen that has your Fire on it, double click on Internal Storage.  A bunch of file files will open.  Look for the folder called “Documents” and open it. Now, from your computer’s My Kindle file find the book you want to transfer over and “drag and drop” it into the document folder for the Kindle. Now you can close those folders and unhook your Fire from your computer. On your Fire, find and open your “Docs” file. Under local storage you will see a blue and white Kindle page.  It will have the name of the book you just transferred over. Click on the book and you are ready to read just like any other book. The next time you open your Fire, the new book will be listed under Recent.

Another reader said that this is the way she reads with her Kindle (thanks Jasmine): Just in case any other Kindle owners are interested if you plug-in your Kindle to the computer and download the Kindle version and then drop it into the documents folder on the Kindle, it will read like all the other books.

You can also contact smashwords if you are having any trouble, they have always been good at getting back with you. Thank you & hope this helps you…

2 thoughts on “How to read my novels on your Kindle”

  1. Kathleen Brown said:

    Hi, the directions letting us know how to transfer the downloaded copy from our computer Kindle reader to our Kindle Fire left out a few steps. I have made a document that will give step by step directions. If you would like to have it for your readers, I’ll be happy to email it you. I made it up for me to remember what I did and how I did it.

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