Sinner’s Prayer~Beginning your life in King Jesus!

Sinner’s Prayer ~ Accepting Jesus as Lord of your Life:

“Jesus, I do believe that you died on the cross, and rose from the dead so that I may be saved and have a relationship with you.  I am a sinner and I need you.  Please forgive me for my sins, and all wrongs that I have done.  Please come into my heart and be Lord of my life.  I love you, and praise You!”

Let Jesus guide you in this prayer, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same, just make sure that you let Jesus know that you do believe He died on the cross and arose again from the dead to save you from your sins.  And ask for forgiveness.  Remember, you are so loved and blessed to be able to do this!  You have just prayed the most important prayer of your life…you are now becoming a new person in Christ!  When you get the chance or time, speak to your Pastor, or a local church’s Pastor about being baptized.

Welcome to God’s Kingdom…you are so special and so loved!

“You have drawn breath… you were brought into existence. That is already a countless blessing. Identify with your Creator, and experience unity with God and a relationship with such depths that your physical mind cannot even begin to wrap around it; or identify with sin, and experience separation from God and the deepest loss ever able to experience. Accepting the Sacrificial Blood of the Lamb declares that you identify with God, but struggle with sin. However, actively living moment by moment in Jesus allows that struggle to miraculously lessen, as you experience your Healer’s presence becoming greater within you, which manifests the Mystery of the Gospel. Jesus’ greatest agony wasn’t the physical harshness He endured on the cross, and the events leading up to it, but it was the separation He had to experience from His Father, God, in order to accomplish God’s greatest mission, bridging the sinner’s gap, and intimately reconnecting us back to Him, our Creator, our Sole-Provider, allowing Him to fully become our Abba. Jesus knew He would be reconnected with Abba, but it was those painstaking, heart-wrenching moments without Him that He unbearably suffered through. That is a powerful statement to us! Through His suffering, He actively healed our physical lives with His spiritual existence, clearly showing us that He doesn’t want us to needlessly suffer through this world, nor go through things without Him. The greatest suffering is already healed, becoming the very root of all healing, because at the point of sacrificing is the point of healing, wow~the forgiving strength of the Great I Am’s protection turned wholly to us!” Praise Jesus!

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