Novels (non-series)

A Love Beyond Life’s Circumstances:  It is about an amazing woman who has learned firsthand that Jesus does carry her through her journey on earth. She is physically confined to a wheelchair from the same accident that killed her parents. Having no one else to cling to for help, Salena had desperately clung to Jesus and she has since experienced a miraculous healing that goes beyond what the physical eyes can see and runs deeper than what merely pierces the flesh. However, her heart is set ablaze as she comes face to face with a bitter, lonely man that hates God. Mindfully tired of his lonely existence, but yet determined to keep his anger alive, Byron’s hating heart proves no match for this joyfully bold woman of God. She awakens a deep and unexpected desire in him that drives him to his knees as he finds himself craving her healing presence and soft touch.

Now Published…click on this link to go to it (also available for the kindle here):  or Barnes and Noble at the nook store:  it is also at the Apple iBook store, Sony, and a lot of other retailers…

Love’s Anchoring Strength: ~ Fallan Reece, a U.S. Secret Service Special Agent trainee, has just about finished her long grueling training that has been taxing on her strength both mentally and physically.  Seeing her shiny new badge, gun, and title within reach, she excitedly counts down the days to success.  However, the days ticking by are actually leading her towards a full blown storm that rages against her life causing her feet to shift, and her already exhausted mind to falter.  But God has lovingly prepared her path, keeping her firmly anchored in His love, while intimately revealing to her that only Jesus can truly calm the storms that rage against her, and heal the destruction left in their wake.  And surprisingly, the only one able to give her the physical comfort essential to her healing is the very last man Fallan would have ever thought she could turn to.

Now Published…click on this link to go to it (also available for the kindle here):  or Barnes and Noble at the nook store:  it is also at the Apple iBook store, Sony, and a lot of other retailers…

Here is a few more novels currently being written~as the Lord walks me through them…

“Flying On a Greater Love” ~ Did you know there are some commercial airline pilots that pack heat? Well, wait until you meet pilot Eric Strahan as he dominantly covers the skies, and the ground to actively pursue a beautiful woman of God that is still reeling from an abusive past.

My books are available at Barnes & Noble, and other major retailers including ibook store for your iphone, ipods, etc.  Smashwords does offer a kindle version, and it does work on the latest Kindles, including Kindle Fire (my friend just tried it on her’s); instructions: Click on one of the links above (, after you purchase/download using the mobi Kindle version, you then have to click “read online.” It is a little different because the pages scroll down instead of sideways.

*I try to make sure that my novels stay at an affordable price so everyone can afford them.  The price I list them for is based solely on the size of the novel.  My novels range from $1.99 to $3.99.*

3 thoughts on “Novels (non-series)”

  1. Joann Abernathy said:

    Hi Andie, I would like to know when Flying on a Grater Love is coming? The book sounds like it will be a good read. I like reading your Protection series Books and I got my friend to read them so me can talk about the and I have the two of the non series books your have.

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    • Hi Joann, I am not sure, the Lord has been having me write the Book 1 of the Indwelling Divine Line series, it is already half way done. He has been keeping me writing between that one and the next protection one. The next book to be released will be the Divine Line and then the next protection. I will make a note to reach out to you and keep you posted on this specific one as I can. Have a great day, it amazes me that your friend is reading them, too. Praise Jesus, I hope you both are continuing to enjoy them.


  2. JoannAbernathy said:

    Thank you for getting back to me. Have a great day

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