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While everything in the world seems to pounding against you, problems, issues, decisions that have to be made, did you know that your Savior is tenderly calling you to come to Him? You probably can’t hear Him because you inevitably are focusing on the problems & not Him. He doesn’t have any condemnation in Him concerning you over past disobedience or current ones; He only has a love for you that runs so very deep that you could never see the end of it. His arms are so warm & powerful, & ready to heal your ways. And His Holy Spirit is so ready to fill you with a peace you could never describe. A peace that even increases when you are going thru hardships. He is begging you to receive Him, His peace, His love. Don’t let your mind look into darkness first (your problems), thereby helping the evil one to build strongholds against your ability to fully receive God. Put Him & His Holy Word first in your thoughts, actions & life. Only then will you be able to release non-condemning, unconditional love to even the most difficult people you have to deal with. Jesus loves you~Run to Him & receive all He has for you which is beyond any expectations you could ever have! Have a wonderfully victorious day~in Jesus! ;o)