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May you want Jesus more than the very breath you breathe running through your body, more than you want your situation or circumstances to be healed, more than you want your body to be healed, more than you want your life to victoriously be continued on earth.  The only way you could do this is with help from the Holy Spirit~may He bring you to a new depth of understanding of God’s love in your life.  God loves you more than you could ever imagine, His love goes beyond any rational or limited “human” thought, His love is even more than supernatural, His love is living, powerful and endless.  And He loves you with a fierceness that only victory can come of your life as you fully live in Jesus!  A victory that a lot of times cannot be understood or seen in this world with your physical eyes.  Only the Holy Spirit can reveal the depth of it, and clearly open your spiritual eyes & ears.  God, your Heavenly Father, your Creator, gives you the victoriously breathing Holy Spirit to breathe for you, He gives you the victorious blood and body of His Son, Jesus, so that you may live in Him, and He gives you an eternity to live with Him.  How can you not know that God doesn’t want you to just read about Him, but He wants you to experience Him!  May you rejoice and have a wonderful day all because of Jesus! Shabbat Shalom!  :o)