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May the Lord be your provider in all things. Only He knows what you truly need, may His nourishment be what you crave as the Holy Spirit guides you deeper into His arms. As you look to Jesus first in all things~limits in your life are broken and replaced with limitless opportunities and limitless living. Although your physical eyes & others may “clearly” see limits in your body and in this world, the Holy Spirit will open your spiritual eyes to see the true limitless existence that exists because your Creator, your Heavenly Father has your heart held securely in His hands and His eyes are always turned towards you. He has secured you in His love with His Spirit running through your limited body, while Jesus tenderly holds your spirit in his arms. You are no longer surviving to live in this world, you are truly living for eternity in God’s Kingdom! You are so very loved! May you have a wonderful day…all because of Jesus! :o)