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Abiding in the Word of God doesn’t simply just mean reading the Bible everyday, or doing a devotional, it is active and yielding to the Holy Spirit. It is taking every thought captive, turning to Jesus in all things. Not looking at “what makes sense,” or the wisdom, or pros and cons of this world, or the knowledge gained in it. It is looking at Jesus, being led by the Holy Spirit thru Godly wisdom and knowledge. Replacing your thoughts thru this limited world with the truth of the Bible or revelations revealed by the Holy Spirit as you read the Bible with Him. How do you do this? By actively turning to Jesus first in all things, captivating all your thoughts and letting Him guide you to what is right, disciplining your mind, letting the words from Him come thru you. It is yielding, having a deeper fellowship with Him. When you take that first step, and keep making it everyday, then the Holy Spirit will begin to conform your life to God. A private, intimate relationship between you and Jesus for eternity! You are so loved by God & may you have a wonderful day~in Jesus! :o)