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Positive thinking does play an important role in your life and becomes a valuable choice, but only when you use your positive thinking to turn to Jesus. But be very careful to not cling to positive thinking. You should ONLY cling to Jesus! There is a lot of positive thinking, or thoughts/sayings, that sound great and may even seem to give you hope, but dangerously contradicts the Word of God. When you grasp onto positive thinking, and then any positive saying that speaks to you or your situation, you are actually relying on yourself as being the source of your positive thinking. And trust me, that type of living is just surviving, and it will fail at some point in time. However, when you obey God and what He tells you to do, by first turning to Jesus in order to receive wisdom for your problem, or situation, you are then relying on the only one that is perfect and victorious over all things, Jesus. Positive thinking doesn’t have the ability to change your situation, but God does. It may give you a better outlook on your situation, but it doesn’t do any real changes. Only God can do that and that is through Jesus, by His complete victory that He gained while He lived on earth and suffered at Calvary. May you find yourself craving a Bible verse to know over a positive saying and may you have a wonderful day all because of Jesus! :o)