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As life on earth “shows uncertainty” may none of that frighten you. Because the only thing truly needed in life is “certain” and that’s God’s specific love for you! God does not want you to be surprised by anything, so DON’T look into tomorrows’ troubles instead look to Him. He’ll warn you in amazing ways, even prepare you when you are unaware. It may be a Bible verse He read to you, then reminded you of, it may be the small “hiccup” circumstances that are designed to build confidence in Him. This list of preparation is endless… Deeply knowing and having confidence that He will prepare you for all things, however requires sacrificing on your part by wanting to spend time with Him, wanting to get to know Him~making your relationship with Him a priority in your life. And when you start to do that you will find that it really is not “sacrificing,” because you will fall deeply, head over heels in love with Jesus as He is able to then reveal Himself to you in limitless, powerful ways. Make getting to know Jesus a priority and the Grace of God will lead you to places you could never even dream about…as His Holy Spirit becomes the very breath you breathe! May you have a wonderful day full…in Jesus! :o)