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There is no condemnation on you, so why would you even look to condemn someone else? A sin is a sin, and we are all sinners saved by the Grace of God, Jesus’ blood pours over us, washes our sins away, then coats us for eternity. When God see us, He sees Jesus’ blood because we are then made righteous (right standing) with Him and He’s now able to delightfully deepen our relationship with Him all by His loving Holy Spirit…All because of Jesus. No sin is greater than Jesus’ blood so do not hold other people’s faults, nor sins higher than His blood. Instead, turn away from people and look first to Jesus personally, ask for forgiveness, do not condemn yourself, and grasp onto Him as He draws you in deeper and reveals His unconditional love for you so that you may then release that same type of love to others. He is molding you to fit more perfectly within Him as His protective covering bathes you in truth because as you live this way only then can you truly see the victory and share His unconditional love with others! May you have a wonderful day…all because of Jesus!