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Every little thing in your life can be used to draw you into a deeper relationship with Jesus by thinking on Him first, “seeing” Him first, consulting with Him first, speaking to Him first, rejoicing with Him first, crying to Him first, relying on Him first. Jesus aches to dry your eyes, He aches to heal your ways, He aches to draw you close and show Himself to you. But you have to be more aware of Him than you are with anything else in your physical world. Make a point to silence yourself from your physical world and commune with Him privately everyday as the Holy Spirit continues to secure you to Him. Then in no time you will find yourself being more aware of Him and talking with Him even while you are in the physical presence of others because you have actively learned how to fully rely on His sheltering strength, endurance, comfort, and peace no matter what you may face! What a victorious life He is leading you into! May you have a wonderful day all because of Jesus!