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God, himself, desires to be in all of the little details of your life and amazingly He loves us so much that He actually waits for you to welcome Him in by accepting His Son after showing you that you actually cannot successfully go on without Him. (To do so is just surviving, and not truly living.) As you actively talk to Jesus in all things, the Holy Spirit reveals those little details to you throughout the day as you begin to understand his voice more and more. Those little details then become the building blocks that add up in building the confidence of His love for you in your life which supercharges your faith. Remember, you cannot recognize someone’s voice if you do not spend time with them, and you cannot expect a powerful relationship with someone if you only hear about them once a week from someone else. Rest in Jesus, God is in control of your life because you have let Him! It truly is another beautiful day in Jesus~Shabbat Shalom!