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May you be able to find joy in all circumstances through Christ Jesus!  Lol… I just had a great laugh all by myself just realizing about what happened over the phone last night and then again this morning! You know you are a full-fledged writer when you find yourself arguing with your best friend on the phone, who lives 3 hours away over one of the characters in your book! I stood strong in defense of one of my men characters! I was actually very shocked by my defense of him, and especially when I took the book as a whole to defend him, as well as His relationship with Jesus and hers.  I learned so many revelations in experiencing this with my friend.  I was floored when the Holy Spirit revealed the most profound one to me, ‘How much more is Jesus upset when someone misinterprets, or hurts one of His children?  Wow…so powerful!  Praise Jesus for the delight and healing pathway He keeps us secured in, even when we lovingly, argue (in an amicable way) with a wonderful friend who loves me even when I battle against her all under Jesus’ protection.  May you find a friend that is like that, and may you be able to see Jesus’ victory in all that you experience in your daily life.  May your day be wonderful all because of Him! :o)