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“It’s always something!” I’m sure you have heard this phrase before, or something similar to it when you seem to be hit with “one thing after another.” Well, as you focus more and more on Jesus, may the Holy Spirit guide you to a place where Jesus can heal you from that wrong thinking. Jesus is Lord of your life so as “one thing after another” comes into your life may you see them for what they are, “training steps,” in having you first turn to Jesus before anyone, or anything else. To do this does take a lot of self-discipline, and patience, but these little “training steps” are great to do because through them His strength and His confidence can be built within you giving you a firmer foundation in Him. It also gives you an opportunity to experience a supernatural rest in Jesus as you face the repeated difficulties because only through Him and by Him will you ever be able to truly have that type of peace. So as “one thing after another” seems to attack may you embrace each one with joy and instead of looking at it as “it’s always something” may you immediately turn to Jesus and deeply know that step by step your relationship with Jesus is deepening. May you have a wonderfully full day and evening in Jesus!