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Are you being bombarded with issues, or don’t know which way to turn, nor can you see any relief, nor answer, nor can you see how anyone else could possibly be able to help you? Praise Jesus! What a beautiful place you are at because Jesus is right there within you waiting for you to allow Him to handle your issues. The mystery of the gospel is “Christ within us;” what power, strength, peace and love you have right within you holding your spirit, strengthening and fortifying you for whatever you may have to face. May the Holy Spirit reveal a knew depth to this understanding of “Christ within,” and make you more sensitive to Jesus while He releases His peace as you go through this valuable training step. A training step that is conditioning you, and molding you to become more aware of Jesus than anything else in your physical world.  And may all of your seemingly disappointments be truly revealed as victories in Jesus! Next time…don’t wait so long, turn to Him first so that He alone can become your provider.  I hope you have a wonderfully full day in Jesus! :o)