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You are living in the Lord’s presence by looking first to the Lord in all things, reading your Bible with Him, speaking with Him, and doing all things towards getting to know Him; you are excitingly experiencing Him by actively acknowledging Him, and your relationship is deepening with Him as the Holy Spirit is bringing you into a place that you can truly live in Jesus. However, are you standing firm, and guarding your heart and mind over what you experience throughout the day? When you hear a negative word towards the Lord are you “blocking” that then turning to Jesus within and asking Him to give you words to say to change that or help the person who says it? When you see something you shouldn’t be seeing, do you change the channel or turn in the opposite direction? When you hear someone say something that is opposite to what the Lord is bringing you through do you immediately turn to Jesus and ask for guidance? When you feel restless within are you turning to Jesus and waiting for Him to ease the tension within? When you experience confusion are you turning to Jesus and waiting for His clarity? When you…(the lists go on). Sometimes the Lord may want you to say or do something, sometimes He may not, it all depends on the person you are dealing with and the situation you are in, as well as so much more reasons that only the Lord is aware of. What may be good for you, may be a stumbling block for someone else because of the path the Lord is leading them on and where they currently are in their journey with Him. But, He does always want you to reject what He has revealed to you as wrong. Never read the Bible through the eyes of condemnation, nor look at others in that way, that is not from Jesus. If you see you are lacking in these areas, or if the Holy Spirit just revealed other situations to you~rejoice and immediately turn to Jesus giving Him the lack and asking Him to help you. Praise Jesus, you are aware of something new that will only bring you closer to Jesus because only He can heal it, completing you and making you whole, and that of course will only bring you even closer to your Savior! Have a wonderfully full day living in Jesus!