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Boldly Living: One of the sly tactics from the enemy is to desensitize God’s children. So as you begin to actively live in the Lord’s presence you may become more sensitive to someone saying the Lord’s name in vain: and not just the cuss word, but also things like “the man upstairs,” etc; you will also find yourself more sensitive to people using the word “hope” as wishful thinking, or basically mixed with doubt: Hope means ‘strong expectation.’ So when you use the word “hope” may you expect results! You may also become more sensitive to hearing people use the words “fear” or “worry,” which is used in a multitude of ways and is pretty much embedded in our daily vocabulary; and as a reminder, God commands us to not fear, nor worry! Now to “fear God” is not the scared fear it means to reverence Him, to hold Him up High in your mind, worship Him, etc. And there are a multitude of other ways, and other things that we are desensitized to. So my prayer for you, during this Shabbat, is for the Lord to make you more sensitive to God, and may you be so sensitive to Him that you cringe when you hear wrong words, or things putting Him down. And as the Holy Spirit works with you on becoming more sensitive to these things, you will amazingly and miraculously become more sensitive to your journey with Jesus because as this stuff is cleansed out of your life, more of Him can dwell within you and less will block you from Him. So may you never feel condemned, nor condemn others when you hear wrong thinking, or wrong words, or anything similar to that. Instead, may you rejoice and leave all the things at Jesus’ Beloved Cross because our weak areas, or areas where we find we are lacking, are areas where Jesus will just show up even more completely filling us! May you have an amazing rest in Jesus! Shabbat Shalom! :o)