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May you turn to Jesus, who dwells within you, for everything! As you actively talk, or praise Him continuously in your mind, make sure you are also always tuned, ready to listen, and excitingly waiting for Him to speak to you. And what you are lovingly doing is praying without ceasing. And guess what this is also doing? Well, it’s another beloved training step in our personal journey with the Lord as it builds our strength for patience because you are waiting to hear from Him regarding all things in your life. So now you are deeply knowing the mystery of the Gospel which is “Christ within us,” (in Colossians 1:27) you are actively praying without ceasing as the Bible tells us we need to do (in 1 Thessalonians 5:17), and you are also actively waiting upon the Lord and the result of that will be Psalm 40:31, amazing, victorious living that goes way beyond the “normal” for this earthly world, all barriers will be broken and your inner man will continuously be strengthened by the Holy Spirit as you are actively dwelling with Jesus. May you pray that your spiritual ears will be thoroughly cleansed so that they will always be tuned into hearing the Holy Spirit reveal the truths you need for your journey as you are actively acknowledging, and living in Jesus! All Glory to God!