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You were specifically, uniquely and wonderfully created. There is actually a depth to this truth that is phenomenal and one that the enemy is always trying to very stealthily steal in a multiple of ways from each of our lives. And as you actively live in Jesus’ presence you are able to allow the Holy Spirit to deeply seal this into your heart so no one can steal it from you, and amazingly you will see so many ways that this concept heals and sets you free from strongholds that are otherwise placed on us when we are so easily ‘grouped,’ or ‘labeled.’ You must cultivate your relationship with Jesus and actively live in His presence because it is dangerous to do anything less. Only He truly knows what you need. When you turn to Him as your Provider (Jehovah-jireh), you will know that it is wrong to compare yourself with others, or to compare your situation with others. Think on Job: he was an obediently, loyal servant to God, seeking Him first in the morning in His sacrifices, etc, and loving Him. But God wanted more for Job, He wanted Job to deeply experience Him. So Job was allowed to go through unfathomable trials, during which all of his friends meant well and wanted to help him by giving him a lot of advice. It was advice that the Lord had revealed to them through what they had experienced in their own lives, but none of it helped Job because it was geared towards their lives, not his. So finally, having had enough, God, Himself, shows up and asks Job a multitude of questions. Look at those amazing questions! It was all in relation to creation~God telling Job in a multitude of ways “I, alone, know what you need because I, alone, am your Creator! All else is ignorance, so turn fully to me!” So with Jesus’ blood lovingly covering you, go to your Creator! And the amazing thing is that the truths and changes He will release in you life will all line up completely with His Holy Word, and the Bible will then become a confirmation to the supernatural change happening within you as revealed by the Holy Spirit. It is amazing because you will also be able to then spiritually see and experience what some of the great Bible heroes have, as well as understand some of the depth of emotion and meaning to King David’s psalms, and a multitude of other things will rise, as His Holy Word comes to life in your life! May you have a wonderful day turning to your Jehovah-jireh!