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May the Holy Spirit intimately reveal to you that Jesus is more than enough for you. The Great I Am has lovingly given you something that goes way beyond anything you could have ever thought to give yourself. As you allow the Holy Spirit to completely center your life, morning, day, and night around Jesus, He will then become the very breath you breathe and you will look back and think that your responses or “rational” thoughts in the past were merely ignorant choices because pure (undefiled) wisdom can only come from God, and through a connection with Him that only the Holy Spirit can secure and breathe into you from the very source of Jesus. May you find yourself looking to Jesus, falling to your knees, lifting your arms up and shouting, “There is no more me without you. Only you are my very life blood, breath, and beating heart.” May you firmly smile to all things in the natural, knowing that God, Himself, dwells within you and no mere problem, nor circumstance can overcome you because your source of strength, power, and might is all deeply embedded, filled, and flowing from the Great I Am, while you secretly dwell in the arms of your Savior, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit intimately supplies you with all the confidence, and encouragement you will need. As you look forward, you know the path you are walking on was intimately touched, built, and molded by the omnipotent, omniscient Great I Am…you are a child of the King! May you have a wonderful day dwelling in Jesus as the Holy Spirit draws you in deeper!