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What is dependency on God? Depending on Him for everything. No, none of us desires to go through hardships, heartaches, pain, nor heart wrenching uncertainties, nor through situations that no one on earth can help us through, or see a loved one or friend go through it. However, they are those specific situations and circumstances that strip away the distractions, sidetracks, and they have a tendency to strip us down to the bare necessities where our lives are broken down to only us, individually, and our Heavenly Father, our Creator. As it will be when we lovingly look at Him when the Holy Spirit quickens our spirits and our bodies die. We find that in reality it is only by God’s grace that we can even take a sip of water, or breathe our next breath. It is only by Him that our earthly bodies are truly sustained, and when you take that experience you had during those times with you and continue to acknowledge Him in all things, even as your life starts turning around and things become better, the Holy Spirit begins to build on that and simplify your life while He aggressively keeps your focus turned only to Jesus, your Savior. You begin to read His Holy Word with Him instead of for Him, or about Him, it is no longer separated. You begin to talk to Him first thing in the morning, and the last time in the evening, you begin to ask Him first in what you should do, you begin to ask Him to strengthen you, to give you the right words to say as He begins to actively lead you more and more, and you begin to acknowledge Him continuously by inwardly speaking to Him and sending Him praises from within as you go about your day. It is all of those intimate, little moment by moment relationship building blocks specifically unique between Him and you. You have been stripped down to the basics then rebuilt by the Trinity all through God’s grace so that you may live in amazing, limitless, divine freedom! You are truly breathing in the freedom of His presence and experiencing complete, amazing divine freedom because you are becoming completely dependent upon God and wholly independent from the world! Praise Jesus!