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We do not know what we truly face tomorrow, nor during the night, nor during this next week, but we can personally know the One that deeply desires to prepare us for whatever we will encounter. Look only as far as Jesus, while you rest this evening. Try not to think about tomorrow, nor the things that you think need to be done. Look only to Jesus, moment by moment, and choose to actively acknowledge Him so that you may begin to truly live in Him. Rest, rejoice, and let Him prepare you for whatever you may need to be prepared for because only He truly knows. So as restlessness, or eagerness, or excitement, or hopelessness, or even unsettling feelings begin to weigh upon you as your mind tries to drift towards tomorrow, choose to only look and speak to Jesus because only Jesus can see you through tomorrow as God, Himself, goes before you and makes your way smoother while the Holy Spirit conditions you to be able to clearly hear His promptings. Focus only on getting to know your Savior who wants you to not just experience His eternal salvation, but His everyday salvation as you learn to live in Him. May you have a wonderful week~actively living in Jesus.