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You could let the world down, and still not let God down; you could let your family down, and still not let God down. However, you can be super successful while the world or your family praises you, and let God down. Failures come and go, and guess what? They actually healthfully balance our lives when the Holy Spirit is involved. It is not meant to strengthen you, but to draw you closer to God so that His strength can fill you even more and be manifested in your life. It is at those failures that you learn you can’t measure your relationship with God by your outward successes. He is limitless and cannot be measured so why do we find ourselves looking outward to see faith, or wrongfully measuring someone else’s faith by their successes or failures? It makes no sense. Be more aware of Christ within you, the mystery of the Gospel, as you go through your day so the Holy Spirit can peel back a few layers of your spiritual eyes intimately showing you that what we have labeled as failures are not failures. They are steps where we really get to know God, and as a result, when we actively acknowledge Jesus through them, we are drawn closer to Him. God is using this life to prepare us for an eternity with Him. He is limitless and doesn’t think as we do~He sees where you are going and He has loved you since the beginning of time, that will never change.