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#7~The Unfailing Hope of ProtectionProtection Series #7~The Unfailing Hope of Protection, Tiger’s story, is now scheduled for publishing 12/31/2014.

Here is the description:

Plagued by issues after issues, doing all she can to just survive and raise her son in honor of her late husband, Larissa Stanton is mentally, emotionally, and physically struggling. Regardless of what happens, her grip on Jesus only gets firmer and she blatantly refuses to let go because He is her only hope.  Continuing to wait for His victory, she relentlessly battles feelings of inadequacy and wonders how it is even possible to actively live in Jesus and still feel like a failure, while at the same time she fiercely holds the brooding CAT guy at a distance because the lonely void deep within her seems to become even wider the more she encounters him.

So long, see ya! United States Secret Service Special Agent Scott Tigert, aka Tiger, of the Counter Assault Team, will gladly wave goodbye to any uninterested woman that states she doesn’t want, nor need his help. In fact, he will gladly help her leave his presence should she need the help. So then why does his mouth and arms suddenly turn persistent and keep trying to pull Larissa closer into his protective embrace, regardless of what she says?

I hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas and I will let you know when it is officially published!