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A beautiful truth to realize is that you were uniquely and wonderfully made, there is only 1 you! And our relationship with our Abba is dependent upon Jesus because He is so precious, so beautiful, so amazing and through our free-will choices we are sorely lacking, but through Jesus we are beautifully red, covered completely in His sacrificial blood. Because of Jesus we are righteous (right-standing with God). Through Jesus and by Jesus is all things, and only He can draw us closer with our Abba, our Heavenly Father. May you always make sure that Jesus takes precedence over your life, here in the natural, because only He can bring healing to relationships, healing to families, friends, and only He can heal all areas of your life in ways you never thought possible so that you may be whole and complete. May you find that you are able to rejoice, regardless of what your body goes through, or what circumstances and situations you find yourself in because the victory will always be seen when you first see Jesus. Remember, our lives here are limited, deteriorating, and placed with time constraints, but our eternal lives with Jesus? Is just that…limitless, growing, and constraint-less. And so as you see Jesus you see everything, every success, every victory, you see~Your Savior! Praise Jesus!