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Our Abba knows the ending from the beginning, which provides a completeness and wholeness to our lives. Our Omnipotent, omniscient Abba, Heavenly Father, knows all things and only He is able to provide us with exactly what we need, when we need it and the reasons why we have to go through things. He knows us better than we could ever know ourselves. Yep, give it up and accept freedom, you really do not know yourself. You think you do, but then you find as you turn completely to Jesus and you allow Him to come more fully into your life that only He knows exactly what you need. He is the author and finisher of our faith, and I got to experience that in a deep way. As an author, I cannot take any credit over the books I write because they are all inspired and directed by the Holy Spirit, as Jesus has radically changed my life to the point that no, I am not perfect, but yes, I am fully yielded to Him. The Holy Spirit directs me on the stories and I obey. I couldn’t understand at first why He would have me write one book, then provide a block for me over the story, and then immediately guide me to another book, either the next one, or even up to four away from it. Then after about 1/3 of the way or more through that one, He would block me from that book and lead me back to the one that I had originally been working on. A little while later He began to show me a multitude of reasons why He was doing that. It was not only a safeguard for me in the development of the characters, because I would have had them developing differently, which would not have worked out to His glory, but it was also for the purpose of how the various characters affected each other. I would see the change in one character up to four books away, who had been influenced from the character I was currently working on, and so they would have to go through certain hardships to provide that healing influence they needed, as well as to be fully healed themselves. It is amazing, and showed me a deepness to the very real truth of how our Abba is all-knowing, all-powerful. He knows the ending from the beginning~He even provided us with that same knowledge in the beautiful form of the Bible. We know the ending, our Abba, of course will always victoriously prevail and it also shows us that our God is greater than all things! It provides us with a wholeness and completeness that we would never have known we needed. May you become fully yielded to Him as you turn fully, and wholly to Jesus so that He may intimately guide you to His victory.