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The unsettling feeling within, the aching reality of issues, circumstances, and situations that are hounding you, the rising uncertainties, the rising past experiences that you want to obliterate, the list of things that seem to need your immediate attention… and then very subtly, and almost miss-able is an impression of turning within. The Holy Spirit is reminding you where your focus needs to be. You no longer can seek help outwardly, no matter that everything seems to be coming at you from the outside, because you have found that help from the outside is not fully satisfying, nor is seeking purchases, nor food to coat the issues, nor anything else that will help make you “feel better,” but help is only fully helpful after you first seek the Lord, and He leads that help to you. And He may not even want to bring in someone else at this time, because He wants to establish within you something profound, which only He can provide, showing you something privately that you personally need to experience. His help is limitless, nourishing, and packed full of limitless power that is full and complete, able to fully cleanse, heal, instruct, and guide. Praise Jesus for allowing us to be more aware of these issues, and the truth that God does not want us to actively dwell in them, so that we can fully leave them where they need to be: at the foot of the cross, while we intimately rest within fully focused on Him. Isn’t it a blessing and a miracle when you fully realize that only Jesus can help? The Holy Spirit is telling you that Divine trust and faithfulness is being built more fully within you, which allows Him to specifically become Lord of that area of your life! Your existence, fully surrendered, and fully yielding~living in Jesus, a supernaturally resurrected life! Shabbat Shalom!