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Your eyes are becoming more clear, and you are seeing more of a spiritual purpose instead of a physical one. The Lord has directed you within, to the Mystery of the Gospel~Christ within us, and as you have become closer to Him, you have also found that you are more sensitive to the spiritual battle continuing to rage all around us. They are intently moving, and strategically taking with them, every one they can because they know their time is short. The Bible speaks of it, and explains it, and you no longer are easily dragged here and there, you have miraculously changed because you no longer stumble with what you physically see, hear, nor experience, so you are able to be a more effective witness because of all that you have personally been through and have overcome in Jesus. The Holy Spirit has shown you that respect for authority is a necessity of peace, and being held accountable and taking full responsibility for your actions, is a beautiful step towards complete forgiveness and cleansing, which is a crucial step needed, and when boldly taken, has amazing, limitless results. Death of the flesh pales in comparison to death of the spirit, and that reality needs to be made more aware of. Death of the flesh is limited separation from your loved ones, death of the spirit, is eternal separation from God and your loved ones. But praise Jesus, you have freely chosen to go to Him first in all things, actively living in His presence, and you have intimately discovered that it has to be all about the One who privately whispers, boldly leads, and powerfully instructs you, He who intently draws you away from being easily offended in the flesh, so that you will no longer stumble and can continue to focus on the victory already won and spoken of in the Bible. Although your heart of flesh painfully aches within, you privately tighten your hold on your Savior, and passionately whisper, “…even so, come Lord Jesus!” (Revelations 22:20)