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Actively living within the confines of the Mystery of the Gospel~Christ within us, is being more aware of Jesus than anything else, placing Him first in your life, and it does not just happen when you accept Him as your Savior. You now know that, and have radically experienced the change within, and because you have actively sacrificed your desires, your wants, and are cultivating your relationship with Him, He has released to you, your deepest heart’s desire, wants, and it all centers on your relationship with Him. Miraculously, His healing voice is now louder within you than the aggravating noise. Fully yielded, and fully dependent on God, allows the Holy Spirit to guide your thinking when agitation arises within you, uncertainties, heart-wrenching revelations, hurtful words and actions, guilt, and all things not of God slams against you. Because your first reaction now is to turn within, you no longer need to physically see, physically hear, nor physically experience the healing. You know that everything in your life is in the perfect hands of your Abba, you are no longer struggling against what He is trying to do within your life because you turn first to Him, your Creator. All because of going through those painful, hard to digest, untold amount of experiences, you have privately learned that His faithfulness is greater than all things, and He is intimately turned towards you. His touch, His voice, His presence is radically unlike anything you have ever experienced, and something you look for in each moment, and He is faithful to respond. Praise Jesus, for Abba’s Divine humbleness towards us, allowing for our deepening relationship with Him. Shabbat Shalom!