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God loves us so much that He has allowed for our free-will actions to actually further nourish His Holy Word in our life, which also helps to manifest it as the Holy Spirit personally guides us. Amazingly, He strengthens us and instructs us to stand firm before all issues, problems, negative circumstances, and all things that come against us. And what we don’t physically see? His Shield boldly standing before us, while His Holy Word flows from our mouths in response to things not of Him as we encounter them, while the Holy Spirit is fully risen within us, guiding us and instructing us, while Jesus holds us, and covers us in His Sacrificial Blood and cleanses us daily as we actively turn to Him, encouraging us to obediently respond in how He leads us to respond, to take authority over what needs to be taken over, to turn from what needs to be turned from, and to ignore what needs ignoring. It is no longer our desires, emotions, feelings, and limited thoughts leading us. Instead we are fully yielded, and fully sacrificed and are Divinely led. Then the Lord whispers for us to see through God’s faithfulness and what we see causes us to fall to our knees in praise and worship. All of the issues, problems, negative circumstances, and all that came against us pale and shrink, when we see the overabundant blessings rushing towards us. Blessings that are beyond this physical world, blessings that are private, intimate gifts from the Great I Am. Some manifesting in the flesh, and others being deeply instilled within our spirits. We then confidently know that although through our physical eyes, the process and situations, or even our work for Him may not look successful, nor victorious, we know it has to be because He is orchestrating it! Praise Jesus, Shabbat Shalom!