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A faithful spirit self-disciplines themselves to put the flesh in check. It is actively choosing what God’s sovereign will is over our own independent ones. It isn’t that we don’t have moments of wrongly choosing, and being imperfect, which will be the case because we aren’t perfect, that’s why we need Jesus. But it is what we do with those times that matter. There is a wrongness in thinking that we change from a faithful spirit to an unfaithful one when that happens, the only way that would change is if we would reject Him and then openly embrace all things not of Him. What actually happens is that we have the Sacrificial Blood of our Lamb coating us, and as we look to Jesus continuously, during those times when we are unfaithful, and wrongly choose, the Holy Spirit instructs us while Jesus cleanses the wrong, heals it, and sets it to right. Day after day, moment by moment actively living in Jesus, then leads to those preciously Divine moments when the Holy Spirit allows us to witness our Abba smiling at us, as He privately whispers, ‘You show me your faithfulness to me simply by using your free-will choice to actively acknowledge and turn to me. I see the desire, and yes, in your heart and where I am taking you, not in what it takes to get you there, which I have already provided to be corrected in my Beloved Son, Jesus.’ We still our minds as our hearts rejoice, and we look piercingly within to Jesus as devotion rolls off of our tongues, “Faithfully yours, my Lord. Holy Spirit secure my heart, mind, thoughts, words, actions, and spirit so that they remain faithfully yours, Abba!”