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The greatest, most intimately loving healing can come in the moment by moment struggles, more than in the eradication of the problem. We already know the eradication, and deep earth-shattering cleansing will happen. But what is so precious in what we experience as our long-suffering Abba holds the eradication back, even as the physical, emotional, and mental pain can threaten to drive out all hope? Well, it is the moment by moment, actively acknowledging and turning to Jesus within you, speaking to Him within a day more than you speak to anyone else, because you know that you can only continue on because He is within you. It is the amazing blessing of having the beautiful awareness of His presence actively alive, and specifically aware of you, to be Divinely built within you, as well as Abba allowing for the very Breath of Himself to fully fill and nourish you, in order to secure you. And as you feed on His overly abundant, nourishing love, specifically designed for you, you will find the strengthening of your desire in needing Him above all others, in needing Him above all things, and needing Him above even the breath you physically breathe, which then miraculously heals the effects of His other Beloveds’ rejections of Him, because He chooses to allow us to have that effect on Him. A mutual sharing, a mutual relationship where what affects you, affects Him; and what affects Him, affects you… This then changes the physical, emotional, and mental pain threatening to drive out all hope into becoming a simple thorn in the side with Jesus teaching you, carrying you, and rising you above all limits. A Divinely intimate connection openly experienced, beyond the natural. Praise Jesus for His Divinely intimate healing of each thorn we encounter.