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Deeply living under Jesus’ reign, actively acknowledging Him in all that you do, and keeping all aspects of your communication open to Him, allows for a beautiful, profound simplicity to develop, which is then carried over into every aspect of your life. Simplifying things, allows for chaos and the disorder, or confusion of things to be healed, mended, and set to right. It includes every tiny aspect of your life: thoughts, finances, relationships, work, your house, apartment, etc. When you simplify, things are rectified, because the roots and depths of wrongness, or disorder, are exposed and are then able to be dealt with. There is such beauty in allowing for the Holy Spirit to guide you more into living under Jesus’ reign, which then allows everything to be simplified, cleansed, healed, and corrected. Chaos, and clutter is not from God, and by actively living in Jesus, you are actively expressing your free-will choice to acknowledge that each moment is a specifically intimate opportunity to actively place all things in your life under Jesus’ reign. And with His reign, as you have experienced, comes deep cleansing, deep healing, deep instruction, which allows for the simplification to widen so that order can be Divinely maintained in your life. It may take hours, days, weeks, or years to see healing results, but from the first step in embracing order, while openly making necessary changes in your life as the Lord leads you to, things start moving! And as you step forward in Jesus, the Holy Spirit is then able to maintain that balance between your spiritual and physical existence, which then helps for your clutter-free heart to fully manifest into a clutter-free life.