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Shocking situations, hair-raising problems, broken hearts and dreams, rise of uncertainties, overwhelming news and information, along with that long list of negative things that can fill the tallest mountain and still run over; basically it is all of those things that will change your life in how you have always viewed it to be, either in a small way or in a huge way. A crossroad has been reached, and so a free-will choice needs to be made: either grasp a hold of Jesus and answer His whispering call to take you deeper in your relationship with Him, where your peace isn’t dependent on anything you can understand, nor readily see in the flesh; or grasp a hold of the problem, think more about the problem, and attempt to search for answers or understanding so that you may feel more confident in the flesh, or find those answers you think will bring you peace. Before you decide, remember that Jesus is the Prince of Peace and you can only actively receive and safeguard the receiving of His everlasting peace as you actively live in His presence. In choosing the second road you have to turn in the opposite direction, which is actually causing you to dig in your feet, not allowing you to victoriously move forward, as well breaking your safeguards and robbing you of the Lord’s peace. ‘For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.’ (Romans 8:5)  Wow-Another depth in the forgiving strength of God’s protection!