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No longer settle for the comfort of just surviving, of just getting through whatever you need to get through to ease the discomfort; no longer accept just the surface cleansing and surface relationship just believing in Jesus and His Beloved Sacrificial Cross provides; no longer accept rational thinking as your answers, along with the facts, and try to mesh what you know in the flesh with what you are learning as you read God’s Holy Word; no longer accept that your life will not get better until you get to Heaven; and may you no longer look outward to find your answers. Live, nurture the Mystery of the Gospel within you, and get to know your Beloved Savior now, regardless of how many days you have left on this earth. Be ready for that day when you will be fully reunited with Him. Stop following the pattern of the world, and know that there is more, look first to Jesus within and openly acknowledge your Beloved Abba, knowing that He wants more for you than what you are settling for. Let go of having to understand and acknowledge what is happening. Instead, focus only on Jesus, deeply realize you want Him more than anything else, and allow Him to rise you above the situation, circumstance, problem, and issue, showing you the depth of truth in realizing your Shepherd already has it “well in hand.” Your freedom is not always found, felt, nor experienced by the problems, issues, hardships, or circumstances being eradicated. Most times the freedom is more intensely experienced while the hardship is still painfully active. It is those specific little things found in those moments easily and negligently brushed off, which the Holy Spirit uses to teach you about, and instruct you in. Moment by moment, actively being aware of His living presence within you doesn’t keep you “locked-in” to the moment and present problems. But it actually keeps you “locked-in” to His Divine freedom as you live out the solution in Him, while your spiritual eyes foresee the deeply healed victory welcoming you on the other side where you can continue to live on this earth while looking to your Abba and boldly declaring, “I once knew of you, but now… I know you!”