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Our prayers are our way of communicating, openly speaking, openly talking, it is a two-way dialogue between us and our Savior. It is our open communication with the Lord, and it brings Jesus’ spiritual victory into the physical world as we remain fully united with Him. We can only look to Jesus for the answers to our prayers. Instead of voicing the prayer and then looking to the flesh for the answer, we need to discipline ourselves to voice our prayer within, or aloud, and then continue focusing our inward self on Him. He will direct our attention to the things of the flesh we may, or may not need, when we need it.  When we first see Jesus and learn to wait on Him, that is when we are able to see, hear, or experience that which we need from our El Shaddai, our all sufficient God. You were perfectly designed to be able to pray without ceasing, and there was never a moment on earth where Jesus was not conscious of His Father. May there never be a moment where we are not conscious of Jesus. Our earthly journey is a progressive journey on becoming more aware of Jesus than anything else, and it is the most intimate relationship you could ever have, which is limitless, powerful, all-encompassing, and will last for an eternity! Your relationship with Him should be more real to you, than any other relationship in the flesh. ‘Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God, in the mountain of His holiness.’ (Psalm 48:1)