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A limited view sees this world as being the only way, the only opportunity, the only time you can live, the only way something exists, where all of the ailments and destruction create a finality, an ending. However, a limitless view sees this world, and every experience in it, good or bad, as the opportunity to deepen their relationship with Jesus, an opportunity to get to know Him even more. It is a relationship that ushers us into eternity, because you have come to know the Holy Spirit, and when it is time, you will eagerly follow Him to your Abba as He continues to secure you. A limited view is more aware of our physical world, a limitless view is more aware of Jesus. Our physical eyes and physical life reveals the lack, but our spiritual eyes and spiritual life reveals the wholeness, meeting each lack we have in the flesh with a Divine wholeness that could never be measured, contained, nor clearly understood, because it is that powerful and that overwhelming. Each moment creates the decision to use our free-will choice to choose: lack or wholeness. So as our bodies sway with uncertainty, and our minds sometimes confusingly sift through facts and truth and desperately try to see that which is not there, our hearts and thoughts praise our Lord, our Shepherd. Which welcomes in His strength in showing us nothing is ever uncertain, while welcoming and embracing His healing over our minds, allowing Him to reveal to us our Divine nourishment, our Abba’s Truth. Our open, continuous communication with our Savior allows His reign to be manifested in the flesh, and only then can we truly see that which is not there, but soon will be!