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Our physical eyes strive to see the next step, the detailed plan, the correct way, or the best direction, while that same specific desire feeds our fleshy desire to know more, to know what to expect, or to understand the process that is involved; thinking that is the only way we can glorify our God, or make it successfully to where we want to go. But our inner, spiritual eyes can’t see past our Jesus, our Savior, because it knows that to do so would be to look to where Jesus isn’t, and that is where defeat lies. However, when our free-will choice begins to choose our spiritual way over our physical way, our spiritual awareness is sharpened, and our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is increased, allowing Divine power to flow, because a Divine relationship with our Creator is our priority. And that is the only way we will find the fulfilling peace not reliant on our physical surroundings, or environment, while that same specific desire feeds a passion to become more aware of Jesus than anything else, allowing us to actively experience His reigning victory being manifested in our daily lives. May your physical ears be turned down so that your spiritual ears can hear your heart boldly whispering the knowledge revealed to it by the Holy Spirit from the other side of the process the Lord is bringing you through, revealing tidbits of knowledge: you will experience rejoicing victory, and be amazed by the overwhelming accomplishments Divinely achieved by Him through you, while a depth of Divine confidence will be instilled even deeper within you, and the wave of His Divine inspiration will be pouring out touching those around you! You will make it through and be there because that is where your Abba wants you to be! So stay-the-course and allow your heart to continue telling your mind, “I want to see Jesus and not what my physical eyes strive to see, because only Jesus can truly prepare me or give me voice to what I need to say or do for what I will face. And in this moment, I am miraculously experiencing Jesus, and that is all I need to understand, because my Abba has it well in hand.”