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Staying faithful to Jesus through the daily uncertainties, the minor issues, the slight, or continuous irritations, the frustrations, and the discomforting situations or circumstances develops and nurtures a commitment within you, which allows the Holy Spirit to secretly reveal to you, your Abba’s depth of love specifically for you. His powering love abolishes the blocks, heals the separation and unites you with Him in ways never before imagined, creating an environment within you that is beyond all things ever known, allowing you to intimately experience the Riches of His Glory. His faithfulness can never be questioned, and amazingly, His faithfulness privately strengthens your faithfulness to Him, giving you an indescribable strength, personally fed by Him, to face those physical, life-threatening situations with ease and power, regardless of the effects your body physically experiences. All because of Jesus, and only because of Him, can we firmly grasp victory and confidently stand in a tumultuous world with confidence, ease and contentment.