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One of the major things that needs to happen as your relationship with Jesus deepens is to completely let go of your own ideas, perceptions and assumptions. As you find yourself “checking-in” with your Lord by questioning your ideas, perceptions, and assumptions regarding each thing or situation you encounter, the Holy Spirit begins to teach you more on the Lord and over time you are able to realize more and more the things “of God,” and the things “not of God.” Through this learning process, your relationship deepens and “victory” starts to have a more in-depth, private meaning. You no longer look to the full eradication of each ailment or issue in order to be able to say it is a victory, because you are now more intimately aware of the tiny victories making up each moment. Some of which include: how amazed you are by the way you confidently handle the issue, situation, or ailment; or how you handle difficult people who plainly choose not to help you when it is apparent they can, which provides a moment where you intimately discover the Great I Am is not dependent on other people’s wrong or right free-will choices. It is the moments you recognize how you are no longer leery of the painful process, or tiring, monotonous actions needed to outwardly help heal this living temple of Abba’s. It is those moments you spiritually rest against your Shepherd as the situations, circumstances or issues seem overwhelming; or when you spiritually rest against your Savior as the Holy Spirit frequently feeds you with things to eat, drink or do to help your body. Or the time you felt inwardly tall, deeply knowing and actively experiencing your Shepherd rising you above your current destructive situation as you walked out of a difficult situation where you deeply knew only the Lord could see you through it. It is those precious moments you feel the depth of strength being intimately fed to you by the very Breath of the Great I Am as your physical world looks bleak, and you are mentally, emotionally and physically depleted of all strength. Victory? Deeply knowing your Abba has it “well in-hand,” because your body, your life, your mind, is no longer fully yours, but it is now your El Shaddai’s (God Almighty’s, All-Sufficient’s) living temple.