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Frustrations, problems, uncertainties, hardships and all things that are “not of God,” can be used by Him to intimately guide us into fully sacrificing our lives to Jesus. They have that cold hard reality of slamming against us and making us vitally aware of the frailty and limits our existence really is. That is when we intimately realize that we cannot do another thing, nor think another thing, nor experience another thing without Him. We further learn that in order to experience what He wants us to, which is His Divine peace that further nurtures hope during the chaos of this world, we need Him to feed us our thoughts, so they may be rooted and grounded in Truth. We also begin to further realize that in order for our mouths to speak that which is not there, but should be, we need Him to release those words; or in order for our “arms” to successfully “reach out” and help others, we need Him to guide them; or in order for our “legs” to “walk” us in and out of situations successfully, we need Him to shepherd them. And as we continue to maintain an open communication with our Savior, wanting only for our relationship with Him to deepen, the Holy Spirit intimately guides and instructs us in each circumstance and situation we encounter, while our Abba looks on and intently sustains these bodies, which have become His living temple. That is when we realize that our sacrificed life has become an empty vessel patiently waiting only for Him to fill it, which He does, so lovingly and powerfully, while reminding us of Philippians 4:19-20: ‘But my God shall supply all of your need according to the riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.’ We are filled with things that have been cleansed, healed, and powerfully instilled by our Abba’s hands. And then, no matter what surrounds us in the flesh, no matter what we painfully,and emotionally go through, we realize that these living temples of His are now Divinely, and miraculously fortified from within, only able to endure all things with His perfect peace overshadowing and shedding light on the cunning, hateful ways of the enemy, because our El Shaddai (All-Sufficient God) intimately sustains us. Praise Jesus, He has privately built a reliance on Him, within us, that will last for an eternity and will never end. What another, amazing dimension of the richness of His love, and for us to be able to intimately experience it even now? Truly a miraculous life!