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We cling to our Shepherd and intimately experience our Comforter so that we no longer have to stay within our “Comfort Zone.” Consciously being more aware of Jesus than anything else is a discipline that guides us more fully and consciously within His care. It is more for our precaution and physical encouragement, and at the same time it allows the Holy Spirit to more easily instruct us on the things that come to pass. We should always be aware of being rooted and grounded in Him so that He may actively guide us, position us, and move us in ways that were once seen as impossible. Having a routine helps to simplify our lives, however when it is time, what a wonderful blessing it is when we are “shook up” and the routine we have limited ourselves by is no longer possible. To battle against that change would cause more disconnect and separation, but from past experiences we no longer respond that way, and are able to see the only choice we can make. And when we use our free-will choice to consciously change our routine from being grounded in the things and actions of this physical world, into being a routine grounded in actively acknowledging our Shepherd within us, we find that the “possible” and “impossible” are no longer 2 separate descriptive words in our vocabulary. Our Abba will bring to pass what needs to be brought to pass and from here forward if you make the only routine you follow be that you follow Him, how much easier it becomes to walk through the “unexpected” valley, hills, and mountains, because your Shepherd leads you and your Comforter sustains you.