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In relationships, a lot of disconnect and issues stem from the fact that we have needs, and it is your choice to believe it or not, but sometimes we really do not know what blessings are. El Shaddai (God Almighty, All-Sufficient God): our needs allow us to more intimately get to know our Abba by this particular name. With all things He has created and designed, He is desperately trying to intimately tell us, in the most simplest of terms, that our needs matter to Him. The moment we experience a need, regardless of the level of pain, frustration, and aggravation it causes, what a blessing it is to be able to even understand that we need something, because as the Holy Spirit reminds us of the completeness and wholeness in Jesus, we automatically turn within, opening ourselves up to receive it. What has happened is that the revelation of having needs guides us into actively making a physical step to manifest the spiritual fulfillment already met in Jesus, allowing Him to strategically guide our words, movements, and actions so that it may be physically manifested into our lives. This helps to balance our priorities, making sure that our relationship with Jesus takes precedence over all others, and only then can we effectively work to fulfill our loved ones’ needs. This is key to maintaining a healthy, balanced relationship with our loved one, because it makes sure that only Jesus reigns in that relationship. And when our significant other cannot fulfill a need we have, we will continue to reside in contentedness because we intimately know that Jesus will. This turns our focus away from what our special loved ones “can’t” do for us, which has a horrific effect of starving our relationship with them instead of nourishing it, and allows us to enjoy the simple fact that they responded, or even attempted to respond. A response to our needs indicate that our needs matter to them. El Shaddai (God Almighty, All-Sufficient God)~His name, alone, reveals to us that our needs matter to Him, and He wants us to need a lot, because His fulfillment is so overwhelming that through the fulfillment of our needs, we will also experience the strongest desires of our hearts and see miraculous results in our daily lives!