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Feeling the shift from ease to disturbance, or knowing that we are trying too hard to do it ourselves and are overwhelmed (which is secretly the Holy Spirit reminding us), we turn within, which actively places ourselves under our Abba’s reign, reminding ourselves that this is His living temple in which we dwell, and only our Shepherd can truly guide us. By immediately tightening our grip on Jesus, we intimately know that we will be healthily balanced within, we will be calmed because nothing but His peace can actively reign within, and we will be led into new moments specifically designed to sensitize us to His intimate utterances and make us more aware of Him than anything else. As we actively choose to live in the existence of our physical bodies being Abba’s living temple, we obediently move in pure worship to Him, which allows His victory to be effectively manifested in the flesh, while the Holy Spirit instructs us in another revelation of the Riches of His Glory. Praise Jesus for our loving Abba who allows us to reign in Jesus!