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It is an individual, free-will choice to decide what to focus on, and each focus, like in all words, actions and behaviors, have direct and indirect consequences. First of all, choosing to focus only on Jesus, heals your questions and uncertainties regarding “having the right” to be there and to experience Him. Do not let that be a stumbling block, step over and move forward, knowing that it is all because of Jesus, and His conquering, Beloved, Sacrificial Blood allowing you to be there. Now, having moved forward, it is these, specially designed moments where each and every time you first choose Jesus that correctly develops and nurtures prime worship moments dedicated solely to your Abba. He openly nourishes you with His powerful existence, as He has allowed His very Breath, the Holy Spirit, your Comforter, to sustain you. The resulting rewards of these beautiful moments we have actively chosen to be a part of, lifts the importance of what we physically experience, register, and learn from in what our physical eyes “see,” and it blocks the “soaking up” of what we wrongly experience. Only He can filter our experiences and destroy that which does not line up with Truth. And as you choose to uniquely worship and praise Him, the Holy Spirit will not allow what you physically see, hear, or experience to become the block and pebbles, a lot of words, behavior, and actions are wrongly used by the enemy to be. But instead, you are able to actually see what is secretly happening with that precise tool, which is causing the pain, difficulty and confusion to abound, because it is intent on masking and distracting the Great I Am’s beloveds from the Truth. Your experiences with Jesus, at any level, become the opportunities Abba is able to use to directly feed you, by nurturing expectancy within your heart.  (definition of expectancy: the state of thinking or hoping that something, especially something pleasant, will happen or be the case. And hope? Strong expectation)  Psalm 147:11, ‘The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear Him, in those that hope in His mercy.’