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Results and successes of the flesh do not always reveal spiritual successes. This profoundly reminds us that our focus can never rest upon the flesh, nor wrongly interpret that which only the Holy Spirit can interpret. There is a depth to all people, things, happenings, incidents, and circumstances, and in order to victoriously and successfully rise above all things, as our intimate Shepherd desires us to do, we must understand that ONLY He can do that. Remember, the prince of this world is the enemy of God, and he is also the father and prince of lies, who loves chaos. However, we can experience active, reigning victory over him in the flesh, because of our Abba’s, the Great I Am’s, specific Divine Network, and perfect design instilled within these living temples of His. Praise Jesus! Choosing to be more aware of Jesus than anything else, and nurturing your relationship with Him above all others, allows you to physically step forward, and at the same time have your thoughts bathed in God’s Holy Word. And while other people speak, act, or move, the Holy Spirit can then intimately sift through the Truth and lies, teaching you on the infinite revelations related to certain issues and circumstances underneath their surface behavior, actions, and words, exposing the roots needing to be exposed, while confirming it all to you in so many beautiful ways. Those ways are ways that sometimes only you can truly understand, and that is because they are ways, words, impressions, visions, or even events that you and Jesus have been through together. Most of the times being times where it was just you and Him, alone. Amen. Your Abba’s beautifully created Divine Network clearly at work, exposing a Divine Treasure found deep within the continuous moments of inner, Savior awareness. It is not about us, but all about Him! Remember, True peace is never dependent on what is happening in the flesh, and it can only be experienced as we spend precious time with our Prince of Peace, our King Jesus.